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All mothers want to guarantee their child’s good health and development. However, for some mothers, breastfeeding is either not possible or not preferable. These mothers are all looking for the same thing – an alternative to breast milk.
Betapol®, invented by IOI Loders Croklaan, was specially developed to mimic the unique fat composition and structure of human milk. It is the closest natural match to breast milk fat available and it has become the scientifically substantiated standard for high-quality infant formula.
To communicate and explain the benefits of Betapol® in the China’s fast growing market, IOI Loders Croklaan is pleased to present the new website in Chinese: The new website is designed with a fresh look, user-friendly navigation and updated with latest information.
The website is focussed at infant formula manufacturers and healthcare professionals to learn more on all aspects of Betapol®. It covers a wide range of subjects, including the extensive scientific backing of the product and the quality standards that ensure food safety.
The website has streamed lined menus to give visitors quick access to the items they are looking for. The pages are divided carefully into five categories;

1. Why Betapol
2. Nutrition & Science
3. Product, Service and supply
4. News
5. Contact Us

Finding information on Betapol® will be a breeze now: product information, scientific studies and the latest news are just a click away.

Please visit and provide us your feedback to us.