Dairy Fat Alternatives

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Deliver creamy texture in a dairy-free formula.

Create a more affordable “dairy” experience, or a product for your lactose-intolerant customers.

Milk fat qualities without the downsides
Replicate the texture and mouth feel of dairy, without the health issues of traditional alternatives. Our portfolio includes semi-solid palm oils, palm oil fractions, liquid vegetable oils, shortenings and hard fats.

Industry-leading product development
Let us develop a fat solution that meets your needs for texture, stability, nutrition, sustainability and cost.

State-of-the-art Creative Studio
Our experienced staff is backed by a world-renowned lab with the latest in equipment, tools and processes.

A commitment to sustainability
We’re dedicated to sustainability from the plantation to the refinery.

Exceptional supply chain management
Long-standing connections in the international commodities’ markets, plus outstanding logistics expertise, minimize costs and ensure timely deliveries.   


Let’s create better dairy taste and texture together!

Discover the benefits of a Bunge Loders Croklaan partnership.
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Product Name Suggested Applications Product Description
Biscuitine Dairy Fat Alternatives, Non Dairy Whipping Cream, Confectionery, Chocolate Fillings, Toffee & Caramels, Bakery, Dough Fat, Icing Shortening, Cream Fat, Frying, Ice Cream Mass, Cheese

All-round flexibility in bakery and confectionery production.

CLSP Confectionery, Chocolate Coatings, Chocolate Fillings, Toffee & Caramels, Dairy Fat Alternatives, Bakery, Cream Fat, Ice Cream Mass, Cheese, Non Dairy Creamer, Non Dairy Whipping Cream

Lauric fats for excellence in bakery, confectionery and dairy applications.

Creamelt Confectionery, Chocolate Fillings, Dairy Fat Alternatives, Cream Fat, Ice Cream Mass, Cheese, Non Dairy Creamer

For high end, premium quality chocolate fillings.

Flavored Fats Dairy Fat Alternatives, Confectionery, Toffee & Caramels, Bakery, Dough Fat

Excellent butter and milk fat replacer with long shelf life.