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Bake smarter with our customized recipes

Your complex baking needs demand a tailor-made solution from Bunge Loders Croklaan.

The industry’s best food scientists and production experts
Our experienced team is backed by the latest in equipment, tools and processes.

A wide range of lipid solutions
From emulsifiers to trans-free and non-hydrogenated fats and oils, Bunge Loders Croklaan can provide semi-solid and liquid options for every need.

Global reach
A world leader in commodity palm oil, we offer exceptional supply chain management and just-in-time shipments around the world.

Bunge Loders Croklaan meets global standards for transparency and sustainable production and processing.


Let’s create delicious baked goods together!

Learn how our customized solutions can enhance your product’s shelf life, nutrition and taste.
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Product Name Suggested Applications Product Description
Biscuitine Dairy Fat Alternatives, Non Dairy Whipping Cream, Confectionery, Chocolate Fillings, Toffee & Caramels, Bakery, Dough Fat, Icing Shortening, Cream Fat, Frying, Ice Cream Mass, Cheese

All-round flexibility in bakery and confectionery production.

CLSP Confectionery, Chocolate Coatings, Chocolate Fillings, Toffee & Caramels, Dairy Fat Alternatives, Bakery, Cream Fat, Ice Cream Mass, Cheese, Non Dairy Creamer, Non Dairy Whipping Cream

Lauric fats for excellence in bakery, confectionery and dairy applications.

Durkex Spreads, Chocolate Fillings, Confectionery, Chocolate Spreads, Spray Oil, Culinary, Frying, Bakery

High stability oils for the optimal consumer experience throughout the shelf life.

Flavored Fats Dairy Fat Alternatives, Confectionery, Toffee & Caramels, Bakery, Dough Fat

Excellent butter and milk fat replacer with long shelf life.

RBD Palm Oil Culinary, Frying, Spreads, Bakery, Dough Fat
RBD Palm Olein Frying, Dough Fat, Bakery, Chocolate Spreads
RBD Palm Stearin Spreads, Bakery
Revel Culinary, Spreads, Confectionery, Chocolate Spreads, Bakery

High stability, fast crystallizing fats for culinary products.

Shortfat Bakery, Cream Fat, Dough Fat

Multipurpose shortening suitable to meet your bakery needs.